Grade II Listed

Where conservation officers apply stricter approaches to original detail (e.g. for Grade 2 listed buildings), there’s single glazing. We also offer Slimlite glazing where a less stringent Grade 2 listed approach is permitted. If higher performance glazing is required, Slimlite may be considered where windows to be replaced aren’t original – or part of the listed building.


NOTE: Slimlite glazing is designed to fit into single-glazed sections and profiles and shouldn’t be confused with actual single glazing.


We also fit appropriate architectural door and window furniture to replacement windows (in the style of those removed) or new windows that will exist alongside old ones (e.g. when extending Grade 2 listed buildings). Finally, modern sprayed paint finishes match the colour of existing joinery. We’ll also guide you on routine future maintenance.


After decades’ experience (including working with conservation officers), we relish the challenge of grade listed buildings, heritage joinery and the attention to detail demanded of our craftspeople.

Traditional sash windows include as listed
� Ropes & pulley’s
� Puttyline glazing
� Traditional glazing bar sections
� Conservation joinery sections and profiles
� traditionally manufactured
� Lambs tongue moulded sashes and glass bars
� Staff bead moulded outer box frame

6 over 6 Georgian sliding sash on ropes and weights

The Joinery sections include traditional staff & parting beads and Ovolo moulded sash profile. Slender Georgian vertical glass bar sections give an authentic lambs tongue, traditional appearance that operate on traditional ropes, weights and pulley’s.

Slimlite & Accoya

Both very impressive products that make this range of windows so appealing. Extraordinary claims and warranties made by Slimlite & Accoya are underwritten by Slimlite & Accoya

This window range is primarily designed to fit into:
Conservation area’s and Grade II listed building extensions, but can be considered for fitting into Grade II buildings, when the approval of the Local Authority Conservation officer has been given.