Casement Windows

In the UK, casement windows were most common before the Sliding Sash window was introduced (circa. 17th century). The traditional casement window typically had one or two sashes being side hung on butt hinges to an outer frame. They would have originally opened inwards!. By the start of the Victorian era it was common practice to have the sashes opening outwards. Casement windows were held open using a casement stay, and held securely closed using a cranked handle fixed to the leading edge of the sash.

Our Heritage Casement window is primarily designed to fit into Conservation area’s and Grade II listed building extensions and can be considered for fitting into Grade II buildings, but will require approval by the Local Authority Conservation officer.
Parkwood Heritage Casement windows fitted in your home, will increase its value and make it more energy efficient. Making your home not only more beautiful, but also an investment in the future.

Shown here is our Heritage Casement with a Georgian bar configuration, incorporating 20mm St Gobain Planitherm glass units. A harmony of traditional aesthetic and todays energy efficiency. 

The Solar Controlled,  double glazed sashes operate smoothly on double-spiral sash balancers. Weather seals and gaskets are discreetly grooved into the timber sections for a superior weatherproof seal.
This range of windows typically feature the following:

  • Traditional proportions
  • Faithful reproduction of all window sections and profiles
  • Height to width ratio’s transom and mullion positioning and glazing aperture division
  • Elegant glazing bars (not bonded)
  • Mortise and tenon frame construction
  • Ovolo moulding to window frames
  • Lambs tongue moulding to sash and glazing bar sections
  • Traditional window stays and fasteners
  • Puttyline external appearance
  • Accoya timber is the worlds leading high technology wood created from sustainably sourced timbers.
  • Accoya timber offers exceptional properties of durability, stability, strength along with the very best environmental credentials
  • Slimlite super thin double glazed units are sealed into sash rebates finding favour with Conservation officers, architects and discerning clients
  • Innovative Slimlite glazing is virtually undetectable unless examined very closely and do not alter the traditional appearance of the window

Double Glazing & Casement Windows

We combine the latest joinery innovations, traditional craftsmanship and superior quality timber to construct window frames that are both elegant and functional.

Slimlite glass units are designed primarily for conservation areas and Grade II listed extensions. They can also be used in Grade II listed buildings if approved by your local authority.

NOTE: Slimlite glazing is designed to fit into single-glazed sections and profiles and shouldn’t be confused with actual single glazing.

For over three decades Parkwood have crafted the highest quality, bespoke Georgian, sash, casement and custom designed timber window frames. Whether you’re looking for a modern design or frames to compliment your home’s traditional character, our bespoke windows are refined to match your taste and enhance your home.